Soozy’s absorbing and atmospheric landscapes challenge our perceptions of reality. They lead us into the dream-like world of her imagination often creating moody, foggy landscapes and ambiguous seascapes. She takes inspiration from visits to marshlands and river estuaries whilst literature and poetry also provide sources of inspiration.  In particular, her "Search for the Convict" series was inspired by the Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" with it's haunting and dramatic descriptions of the Hackney Marsh.

The silver-toned Baltic Coast also fascinates Soozy.

“St Peter–Ording on the north eastern coast of Germany has an eerie stillness, the sand and tidal flats can only be differentiated by the metallic sheen reflected off the water.” My latest work is based on the snow covered sands and the icy sterling sea. I love using metallic paints; the way the light reflects off the paint particles is so beautiful.”

"I often listen to quite somber music when I paint the darker seascapes and marsh lands, I find the emotion influences the way in which I see the colours and apply the paint. It’s important for me to heighten my senses while I’m painting; I believe that my energy is transferred to the piece and therefore the viewer. A painting must have a soul, a story and for me the most important feeling which is nostalgia. One must relate to a piece to fall in love with it.”

"I spend hours without leaving the easel, the blending and pouring process almost becomes hypnotic. To achieve the desired effect I need to have exactly the right consistency of paint and hues, a lot of energy and concentration. I can't leave the piece until I'm completely happy with the blending and overall ambience of the painting. I sometimes go back to a canvas over and over again until I have to turn it around to face the wall, I then go back a few days later and see it in a completely different light. I even turn the canvas upside down, forcing me to make the image work from both angles. The surface of the paint has to be as serene as the feeling the image gives the viewer."

The painting process requires hours of blending, pouring, flicking and splashing often using more than 20-30 brushes and various palate knives, oil paints, gold and silver leaf, mixing and thinning mediums, metallic acrylics, spray paints, and paint stained pieces of wood to use as edges.”

Being an artist to me is not just about personal escapism. Yes the process is cathartic but connecting with the client is also very rewarding. Realising a client's vision and seeing a space bounce into life is very special. To be able to achieve that result from using my own hands is something that makes me feel humbled and blessed.”

Soozy regularly undertakes commission-based projects to compliment interior design themes and is happy to meet with clients at their homes or business premises in order to discuss their requirements and to provide professional advice.




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