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01 - about

Soozy Barker is a contemporary British Artist, known for her absorbing and vibrant abstracts. She is inspired by the reflections, patterns & colours of nature and the world around her, often drawing on nostalgic childhood memories as well as recent travels. 


From a young age Soozy would spend hours watching her father, Jon, paint in his studio before becoming his student. Over the years she has become extremelly familiar with his techniques and brush strokes, whilst developing her own style and methods.

"I spend hours without leaving the easel, the blending and pouring process almost becomes hypnotic. To achieve the desired effect I need to have exactly the right consistency of paint and hues, a lot of energy and concentration. I can't leave the piece until I'm completely happy with the blending and overall ambience of the painting. I sometimes go back to a canvas over and over again until I have to turn it around to face the wall, I then go back a few days later and see it in a completely different light. I even turn the canvas upside down, forcing me to make the image work from both angles. The painting process requires hours of blending, pouring, flicking and splashing often using more than 20-30 brushes and various palate knives, oil paints, gold and silver leaf, mixing and thinning mediums, metallic acrylics, spray paints, textured paints and resin."

Soozy works directly with her clients but also with interior design companies. She has completed over 100 commissions and sold countless individual pieces which are hung in private and corporate collections throughout the UK and all over the world. Her talent as an artist combined with an appreciation for what clients are looking for places her in a unique position where she can provide a service which is unequalled in terms of understanding a brief and providing value for money.


02 - portfolio 2019


03 - clients

Soozy has worked with a wide range of clients, from newly wed couples and first time art buyers to corporate offices and interior designers. Below are just a few photos of some of her pieces in their new homes. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 18.28.57.png

04 - how to buy

Soozy regularly undertakes commission-based projects to compliment interior design themes and is happy to meet with clients at their homes or business premises in order to discuss their requirements and to provide professional advice. Her work can also be found at art fairs throughout the year. She is a regular with The Barker Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (March) and Hampstead (May).

Prices for original pieces start from £350.

Some of her pieces have also been published by The Art Group. You are able to buy prints of these pieces through them and at retail stores such as Next. 

Make sure you join the mailing list to keep up to date and receive invitations to upcoming fairs and pop ups. 

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07 - contact


Tel: +44 (0)7932 064799

Studio based in Eton, Berkshire. Appointments available on request.