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About Soozy

Soozy Barker is a celebrated published artist, based in Eton, Berkshire. She is notable for her captivating, large scale, abstract work.


As a child, Soozy would spend hours watching her father, Jon, paint in his studio, familiarising herself with his classical techniques and practicing until she soon developed her own contemporary style and methods.


“My art reflects nature and memories of my childhood. From skating on our frozen pond in the winter to seeking shade from the Indian summers under our willow tree, I spent countless hours watching nature dance in the wind and shapes reflect on the water. I now incorporate this imagery in my work, because to me, nature is art. It’s one giant abstract canvas”

“I use a mixture of mediums and tools for my pieces to achieve my unique signature style.”


Soozy is predominantly commissioned for original pieces and works personally with her clients to achieve their vision for private and corporate collections, throughout the UK and worldwide.


Prints are available to purchase from Wayfair and Next Home.


Clients include Anna Friel, Kirsty Gallacher, Frank Gardener, Nick Robinson, Starbucks, British Credit Trust, Tower Leasing, European Land and The Crown Estate.

Commsions & Print

Commissions & Prints

Soozy regularly undertakes commission-based projects to compliment interior design themes and is happy to meet with clients at their homes or business premises in order to discuss their requirements and to provide professional advice. Her work can also be found at art fairs throughout the year. She is a regular with The Barker Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (March & October) and Hampstead (May). 

Prices for original pieces start from £350.

Some of her pieces have also been published by The Art Group. You are able to buy prints of these pieces through them and at retail stores such as Next. Soozy also has a collection available to buy in different formats exclusively through her. These are available here.

Follow Soozy on Instagram to keep up to date and receive invitations to upcoming fairs and pop ups. 

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